Tuesday, April 28, 2020

To Dance for the Sultan....

Belly Dance
by Desireé Lee

The belly dancer
     clinks and chimes
Her costume sparks of fire
Her body: thread that starts to weave
The cloth of my desire.

The belly dancer
     squirms and shakes
Her costume:  blossoms smoking
Her limbs are fabric bent on air
My heart her moves uncloaking

I watch, a stirring strikes me hard
     the dancer, fleet, unfailing
and as her weaving dance takes flame
     it's me she is unveiling.

I just can not say enough about how Gorgeous the sims are at Fantasy Faire.The Land Sponsors pulled out all stops and it is Breathtaking!This Faire is always a favorite of mine and dear to my heart due to the loss of my Grandmother to cancer.This evil beast of a disease needs to be crushed and with every donating maybe we can make a difference in the world.I would like to think so.I hope to see you all at the Faire.


Set includes:
Anklet L&R
Bracelets L&R
Cuff L&R

Also available in Pink/White/Black/Blue/Green/Red/Teal

Photo Location ~ Agra Adara ~ Sponsored by United Inshcon & Bad Katz @ Fantasy Faire

Pose Used ~ {NanTra} Poses ~ Bollywood

                   I am Wearing

                      Dinkie Mesh Avatar (MP)


Sunday, April 26, 2020

Midnight rendezvous in the the Queensgarden....


“The long day wanes the slow moon climbs,
My pale enclave inspires me to write,
That of our midnight love rendezvous, 
As well as awful dreams of life’s hardships,  

All can be forgotten of travesty’s that followed,
As I easily compare you to a light of stardust,
Traipse of her breaching my mind of that day,
Thinking of your prompt nobility fills my days.

My love for you is the dedicated anamnesis,
Our heated times of past frolics of seasons,
Our summertime on the immense sleepy hollows,
The sounding furrows for my purpose holds

It may be that the gulfs will wash us down,
The prudence labor loving procured slowly,   
Whisking your rugged ways and thro's endings,
Subdued only to thro’s closure of laudability,
Ode to my rendezvous sonnet”

By Andrew Guzaldo 08/14/2018 ©

I just can not say enough about how Gorgeous the sims are at Fantasy Faire.The Land Sponsors pulled out all stops and it is Breathtaking!This Faire is always a favorite of mine and dear to my heart due to the loss of my Grandmother to cancer.This evil beast of a disease needs to be crushed and with every donating maybe we can make a difference in the world.I would like to think so.I hope to see you all at the Faire.

 Belle Epoque ~ Duchess of Devonshire Sky @ Fantasy Faire
Set includes:
Maitreya Dress
Legacy Dress

Egozy ~ Jolie (Genus Project)

Set Includes:

For Faces :    • 3 Brows (Dark,Med,Light) + No Brows

For Body (Sold Separetly) on Marketplace or in World:   
                   • 2 Cleavages (Maitreya,Belleza,Slink & Omega)
                   • Body Appliers (Maitreya,Belleza,Slink & Omega)

Photo Location ~ Sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project.

Poses Used:
Stardust ~ Together - Couple Pose

   I am Wearing:

            Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

            Head: Genus Project Strong Vip Gift (Genus Project)

            Hair: !gO! Antoinette Hair Ginger (!gO!)

            Necklace: Junbug Letter A Necklace (Junbug)

                Bobby is Wearing:

         Belle Epoque ~ Duke of Devonshire @ Fantasy Faire

 Set includes:
         Complete Mesh Outfit

        Head: Catwa Justin Mesh Head (Catwa)

        Body: Belleza Jake Bento Mesh Body (Belleza)

        Skin: [ MUDSKIN ] Jin Hun 106 (Mudskin)

        Hair: A&A Bobby Hair (A&A)

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Flying Around and Guarding Fantasy Faire.....

The Warrior Creed

Wherever I go,
everyone is a little safer
because i am there,
Wherever I am,
anyone in need has a friend,
Whenever I return home,
everyone is happy I am there.

Robert L. Humphrey

It is very important to Me to protect all I see at the Faire!People are there to have fun not troubles!There are so many wonderful things to enjoy and see.The lands themselves are so amazingly done.Relay for life and the Cure for Cancer is forefront in everyone's minds.Even in a time when a sickness is affecting us all it is very important to enjoy the little things and find peace where we can.I hope everyone is safe and well and Blessed.I hope to see you around the Faire.
ND/MD Nirma Designs~ Petite Galaxia Set @ Fantasy Faire

Set includes:
Fairy Mesh Control Hud
Facelight for Mask
Tiny Eye R&L
Facelight soft
Gesture Gun on the Leg
Gesture Take Gun in Hand
Cyber Boot Shoe Base
Ebonia Braid for hairbase
Hand 1R
Hand 1L
Pg Body Red Lips
Tiny Eye L
Tiny Eye R
Jatpack with flight script
Galaxia Nuclear Energy on Breast
Galaxia Beret
for Bald Head
Galaxia Body Shape
Galaxia CyberBoot Lower L
Galaxia CyberBoot Lower R
Galaxia CyberBoot Upper L
Galaxia CyberBoot Upper R
Galaxia Gun L Hand
Galaxia Gun L Leg
Galaxia Gun R Hand
Galaxia Gun L Leg
Galaxia Headset with display Glass
Galaxia Protector Lower Arm L
Galaxia Protector Lower Arm R
Galaxia Protector Upper Arm L
Galaxia Protector Upper Arm R
Galaxia Sci-fi Body Suit
Ebonia Body Redd Lipps-bald hair with mask
Ebonia Body Redd Lipps-hairbase with mask
Ebonia Feet
Ebonia Hand2 L
Ebonia Hand2 R
Ebonia Hand3 L
Ebonia Hand3 R
Ebonia Pg-Body Red Lipps-bald head with Mask
Galaxia Display Glass only
Galaxia Jetpack only
Galaxia Beret for Hair
Galaxia Headset Only

Photo Location ~ Auxentio's Pass ~ Sponsored by Contraption @ Fantasy Faire

Pose Used ~ Poseidon Poses ~ Flight 

Friday, April 24, 2020

Living the Petite Life @ Fantasy Faire....

The Veil curtains around the faire have fallen and revealed another wonderful round!So many wonderful places to visit and gorgeous lands to see.This is My first post for the round and I hope to display more goodies!I hope to see you around the faire!Relay for Life is a wonderful cause there have been way to many people passing from Cancer and any help we can do to stop that I am all for ^_^


 **DSO** ~ Juniper Outfit @ Fantasy Faire


Set includes:
Outfit Omega Applier
Classic Juniper Shirt
Juniper Skirt Petite
Juniper Skirt Regular avi
Classic Pants

**DSO** ~ Top Hat - Butterfly - Purple Fantasy Faire Hunt Gift

Pose Used ~ {Rp} Beyonkah

Photo Location ~ Lunafae Sponsored by The Looking Glass @ Fantasy Faire

         I am Wearing:

                Body: Yabusaka Petite 3 Mesh Avatar (MP)

                                        Hair: Wasabi Pills Dragon Petite Mesh HAir (Wasabi Pills)

Monday, April 13, 2020

To Scheherazade

To Scheherazade

Your unperturbed voice
with a serenely repeated movement
like the scimitar-stroke
of a great bird’s wing, lays open
a rift of clear air
through our silence, a coloured swathe
engrossed with human action:
debate, betrayal, ruse, justice.

Through the page as through a pane
we look out on a spacious real world
where people say ‘But Allah alone is wise . . .’
finding a baboon an artist in calligraphy
or the lost ring in the belly of a fish.

In that saying, the imperturbable
perspective: they are real
to themselves in the same way
as to us. In that, and the knowledge
(on which your love is founded)
that there is a story opening
inside every other story,
and that of these it is given us to know
an infinite number, but still less than all.


EGOZY I ~ Aaliyah V2 GenusProject (UPDATED)


Set includes:
۞ Head Mesh Applier for GenusProject.
(Wearing GenusProject Bento Head)

What is included with your purchase ?

✔ 3 Cleavages. (Belleza,Maitreya,Omega)

✔ Body Appliers. (Belleza,Maitreya,Omega,Slink)

✔ Differents Eyebrows + No Eyebrows Option. (Try Demo)
- New HUD.
- Normal Ears are available as Tattoos ( for peoples who wear other brand of mesh heads).
- Genus Ears are now integrated with Bom skin version.

Zaara ~ Lehenga Pieces @ We Love Roleplay

Lotus Earrings Group Gift
Shairi Maang-tikka(Headjewel)
Shairi Necklace
Shairi Nosering
Shairi Payal(anklets)

Jodha Blouse
Jodha Dupatta-Scarf
Jodha Head Scarf
Jodha Skirt

Pose Used ~ FOXCITY. ~ Hot Bento Poses 


Decor Used ~ =Mirage= India Pillows & wall 


                                                         I am Wearing:

                       Head: Genus Project Strong Group Gift (Genus Project)

                       Body: Maitreya Lara 5.01 Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                       Tattoo: .::Nainika::. Mehendi Henna (Nanika)

                       Eyes: Euphoric Kelly Eyes (Euphoric)
                      Gloss: Cosmetize/Glossed/Genus (Cometize)

Friday, April 10, 2020

The Fairy Dance...

            The Fairy Dance
The fairies are dancing — how nimbly they bound!
   They flit o'er the grass tops, they touch not the ground;
Their kirtles of green are with diamonds bedight,
   All glittering and sparkling beneath the moonlight.

Hark, hark to their music! how silvery and clear —
   'Tis surely the flower-bells that ringing I hear, —
The lazy-wing'd moth, with the grasshopper wakes,
   And the field-mouse peeps out, and their revels partakes.

How featly they trip it! how happy are they
   Who pass all their moments in frolic and play,
Who rove where they list, without sorrows or cares,
   And laugh at the fetters mortality wears!

But where have they vanish'd? — a cloud 's o'er the moon,
   I'll hie to the spot, — they'll be seen again soon —
I hasten — 'tis lighter, — and what do I view? —
   The fairies were grasses, the diamonds were dew.

And thus do the sparkling illusions of youth
   Deceive and allure, and we take them for truth;
Too happy are they who the juggle unshroud,
   Ere the hint to inspect them be brought by a cloud.

                                                            We Love to Blog

*Spicy* ~ Body V3 (BOM) Skin Enhancements


– The body is BOM only and it’s compatible with Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature, Slink.
– It comes in 12 tones – milk, porcelain, fair, sunkissed, peach, golden, tan, caramel, nougat, cappuccino, toffee, cocoa
– 3 types of breats are included
– Body freckles and moles are included
– Body specific feet are included (Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature, Slink)

Here’s what’s gonna happen. If you already own body v2, you can visit the MAINSTORE and receive your new body v3 via redelivery terminal. You can also test the demo or purchase new body on Marketplace.

D-Tori ~ *Tinkerbelle* Costume Outfit

Partialy Rigged MESH

Sheer & PG Versions
Animated bento wings
Fairy Animation Button

Belleza Freya

Belleza Isis

Belleza Venus


Slink Physique

Slink Hourglass

All Items copy / no transfer / no mod.

Pose Used ~ Serendipity ~ Fairy Dance Pose

Photo location ~ Backdrop City

                                                              I am Wearing:

                                Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                                Head: Genus Project Strong Bento Mesh Head (Genus Project)

                                Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^]Molly Hair Anime Set (Ayashi)

                                Face Freckles: Flounce Light Face Freckles (Flounce)

                                Skin: *Spicy* Ruby Skin (Spicy)

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How Dare You come HERE.....

The serpent queen,

She lives there,
Deep down in the cavern.
Those who know her
Say she is really a serpent
Some even felt that she indeed is ,
A clever snake in her heart
Or a snake without a heart.
But I must say that she is always
A disguised serpent
The queen  who invoked magic,
Hallucinations and illusions.

Many men had great fear of her,
For they always suffered ,
from  high fever at night,
And lethal convulsions
As she appeared  in their dreams,
Writhing  on their beds,
And biting straight on their tongues.

While to many she appeared as,
Dancing in a night club,
with her snake counterpart.
They  imagined her legs were,
Indeed two snakes coiled together.

But tonight on the dance floor,
she  still swayed her body,
in rhythmic patterns,
while her venomous counterpart ,
lying down in comma,
fighting a loosing battle,
against a heavy dose  of sleeping pills,
In a  city hotel room.

But to my surprise,
I saw myself taking the shape of another snake
A much longer, shinier, dark snake
coiling around the queen
her split tongue pressing against mine
fangs now protruding out,
pressing against my lips,
I am being swallowed by her,
From head to tail,
I feel numb,
Her  venom,

[Stargazer Creations] ~ Vaeqtholrelia Gacha @ GachaLand


Gacha Includes:

2 Rare Bento Tails
Rare Dress

Body Suit
Body Snakes

Special @ 20th pull

Pose Used ~ Foxcity. ~ Long Grass Group Gift

Photo Location ~ Cerridwen's Cauldron ~

                                                            I am Wearing

                            Body: Legacy Perky Version Mesh Body (Legacy)

                            Head: Genus Project  Strong VIP Gift (Genus Project)

                            Hair: .Olive. The Shiny Hair (Olive)

                            Eyes: Fallen Gods Glowing Eyes (Fallen Gods)

                            Skin: Scales [xx]+FGInc.+Moss (Fallen Gods)

Monday, April 6, 2020

Step Into the Fairy Realm....

Believe in the fairies
who make dreams come true.
Believe in the wonder,
the stars and the moon.
Believe in the magic,
from the fairies above.

They dance on the flowers,
and sing songs of love.
and if you just believe,
and always stay true,

The fairies will be there,
to watch over you!

[Stargazer Creations] ~ Variety Skin Set BOM - Asterodea Nightsky


 Set includes:

Tattoo Female Face
Tattoo Male Face
Tattoo Top Keen
Tattoo Top Perky
Classic/BoM Female Skin
Classic/BoM Male Skin

[Stargazer Creations] ~ Miristella Gacha @ The Liaison Collaborative

Gacha Includes:

7 commons
2 Rares
2 Ultra Rares

Pose Used ~ !bang Poses ~ Flying Fae

Photo Location ~ The White Armory ~

              I am Wearing:

         Body: Legacy Perky Version Mesh Body (Legacy)

         Head: Genus Project  Strong VIP Gift (Genus Project)

         Hair: .Olive. The Ave Hair (Olive)

         Eyes: Fallen Gods Glowing Eyes (Fallen Gods)

Saturday, April 4, 2020

In the Shadows of the Past.....

Over The Hills And Far Away

They came for him one winter's night.
Arrested, he was bound.
They said there'd been a robbery,
His pistol had been found.

They marched to the station house,
He waited for the dawn.
And as they led him to the dock,
He knew that he'd been wrong.
"You stand accused of robbery, "
He heard the bailiff say.
He knew without an alibi,
Tomorrow's light would mourn his freedom.

Over the hills and far away,
For ten long years he'll count the days.
Over the mountains and the seas,
A prisoner's life for him there'll be.

He knew that it would cost him dear,
But yet he dare not say.
Where he had been that fateful night,
A secret it must stay.
He had to fight back tears of rage.
His heart beats like a drum.
For with the wife of his best friend,
He spent his final night of…

!!!SMD!!! Silvan Moon Designs ~ Lady Celestria Olive @ We Love Roleplay



Set includes:
Gown (Classic/Slink Hourglass/Maitreya/Slink Physique)
Jacket (Classic/Slink Hourglass/Maitreya/Slink Physique)

Available in Crocus/Olive/Trillium/Hydrangea/Mulberry/Orchid/Rose

Pose used ~ *Eternal Dream Poses* ~ True Lady

Photo Location ~ Urquhart Castle in the Highlands of Scotland

                                                   I am Wearing:

                    Body: Legacy Perky version Mesh Body (Legacy)

                    Head: Genus Project Strong Head VIP Group Gift (Genus Project)

                    Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins Livi Caramel (7 Deadly s[K]ins)

                    Hair: Alli & Ali Bella Hair (MP)