Saturday, March 31, 2018

Beware the things that go Bump in the night....

Things that Go Bump in the Night

    by “Graffiti Poet”

I’ve never been one for being afraid,
Or running away from a fight,
But I shiver with fear, whenever I hear
Things that go bump in the night.

You can call me a fool, if I hear a ghoul
Creaking its foot on the stair,
I’m outta that place, at double quick pace
You’re not going to keep me in there.

I know they’re not real, it’s just how I feel
We all have our crosses to bear,
At the first chilly breeze, I’m down on my knees
Reciting the words of a prayer.

If I saw a ghost, what would frighten me most
Would be if they noticed me too,
I’d probably faint, seeing something that ain’t;
Something you shouldn’t see through.

The worst thing I’ve seen, in life or on screen
Is a poltergeist turning her head,
I kept on the light, for many a night
And always checked under my bed.

You may laugh and scoff, if it’s spooky I’m off
At the first sign of something not right,
It’s true what I’ve said, I’m afraid of the dead
And things that go bump in the night....

 Venge - Nox Fotuna (Petite Version)

Set includes:
Yabusaka Bodysuit
Left Puff
Right Puff
Lower Sleeve L
Lower Sleeve R

Photo Location - Your Taxi

Pose Used:

Poseidon Poses - Flight Complete 1-6

                                                   I am Wearing:

                             Body: Yabusaka Petite 3 Bento Mesh Body (Yabusaka)

                             Head: Yabusaka Petite Head B (Yabusaka)

                             Hair: Tameless - Vita Petite (Tameless)

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