Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ND/MD Cuties Baby Winter Clothes

Isnt is funs to dress up all warm and cozy and plays in the Snow!

This Super Cute Set is by ND/MD for their Cuties/Baby avatars

ND/MD Cuties (ND/MD)
Knit Cuffs Blue
Knit Leggins-Blue
Denim Tank top
Denim Mini Skirt-Blue
Denim Mini Ruffles-Blue
Denim Underpants-Blue
norwegan Sweater-Purple
Skull Ankle Boots

The Sweet Hair is called Anastasia by {Posh Pixels}

How dos he wook Mama I added de Hat ^_^


Will Chu Takes me home and Pway Pwease!!!


Oooo Mama Hims as big as Me @.@


I am wearing:

Body-ND/MD Cuties Sasha Unisex Mesh Avatar (ND/MD)

Hair-{Posh Pixels}-Anastasia (Posh Pixels)

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