Sunday, April 2, 2017

A perfect spot to watch the sunset...

The sun was setting with all its power and glory
on the horizon behind the sea as I stood there
on the sand which lay along the water's edge.

The clouds in the sky had the effect of evolving translucent light
yet as the sun sank further down into the sea
this light was changing to a sombre silver-grey.

Darkness was descending upon me where I stood
yet in the far horizon before me daylight was
making its impact once again on the earth.

It was getting chilly and darker and a slight breeze
was beginning to arouse the waters of a once calm sea.

The tide was going out and I could feel the moisture
from underneath my feet being taken away.
The sun was drawing away the very waters of the sea before me it seemed and everything was beginning to have a haunted aspect,
for without light all seemed to attain a gloomy and ghostly atmosphere.

The sun was now but a tinge of orange
giving off its last rays of light being swallowed by the sea.
What a splendid sight it was I thought seeing something alive
and wondrous making its last impact with beauty and significance before vanishing temporarily and rising again on the opposite to where it set.

It seemed to suggest that where there is light there is life
and where there is no light life would be unbearable and dark.
Dusk had come and night was here so I thought that I had better depart
in order to live and enjoy the sight just seen at some other date.

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