Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Celts - GENRE

Everything in Mother Nature is considered sacred by the Celtic Druids, so every plant, tree, animal, fish and bird is seen as sacred too. But in the same way that some trees and plants, such as the oak and mistletoe, receive special veneration, so do certain creatures receive particular attention by the Druids. According to their particular characteristics different animals were used by the Celtic Druids to symbolize different powers, attributes or gifts. They are often connected with the world of spirits and gods.

 The New Round of Genre has opened! This rounds theme is The Celts.In this blog I am showcasing some of the wonderful items I found there.I hope you like them as much as I do....


*SL* Sweet Lies Kendra Outfit Pack #2a

Set Includes:
Dress A (Venus,Maitreya lara,Slink Hourglass,Slink Physique,Standard,TMP)
Dress B (Venus,Maitreya lara,Slink Hourglass,Slink Physique,Standard,TMP)

Ab.fab Sian Skin Milk Tone

Set Includes:
Brow 02
Classic Milk Skin
Catwa Applier
Omega Applier
Maitreya Applier

:::Krystal::: Celt Circlet-Gold

Mesh Circlet

{LORE} StoneHenge Set (Sandstone)

Contents and Land Impacts:

Stairs - 1 LI
Monolith 1 - 0.5 LI
Monolith 2 - 0.5 LI
Monolith 3 - 0.5 LI
Monolith capstone - 0.5 LI
Henge 1 - 2 LI
Henge 2 - 2 LI
Henge 3 - 3 LI
Fallen Henge - 3 LI
Stone Pile 1 - 1 LI
Stone Pile 2 - 0.5 LI

Pose: *Eternal Dreams* Epona

Set includes:
Horse and pose in Black,Brown and Grey

I am wearing:

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Maitreya)

Head: Catwa Tala Bento Mesh Head (Catwa)

Eyes: Deetalez Catwa "Intense" Green Eyes (Deetalez)

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Longfall Hair (Tableau Vivant)

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