Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Morning at the Beach....

Quiet as the beach at sunrise
Hearing just the lapping waves
Gulls are flying close to water
Sacred silence all around

Air is cool not warmed by sun yet
No red sky to warn of storm
Zen like patterns in the sand seen
Sea glass glist'ning doth abound

Blue sky promise of a new day
Drift wood shaped by time's kind hand
Stones for stacking with intention
Periwinkles to be found

Childrens' voices break the silence
Running to the water's edge
Mother follows watching closely
Now the air is full of sound

Jane Noponen Perinacci

 !Lumae - Genus Project - Elska - T6

Set includes:
Body Hud 2018
Genus Project Head Applier
Leevi Ears Short
Leevi Ears Medium
Leevi Ears Long
Shape for Genus Project head and Maitreya
Shape for Genus Project head and Slink Hourglass
Shape for Genus Project head and Tonic Curvy
Shape for Genus Project head and V-Tech + Maitreya

Salacity - Beach Bunny - Beach Umbrella Photo Prop

The Beached Bunny Summer Hunt June 3rd - July 31st

Salacity & Friends Poses and Animations is a sponsor for the hunt and is offering a photo prop that is a collaboration between Salacity and Cara's Poses. It's a beach umbrella with three beachy static poses and a beach towel that auto-rezzes when you sit

Witchwood MidSummer Hunt


*The hunt item is a pink cockle shell, image and sample at the starting area.
*Hunt items are hidden all over the sim and in both Petite Mort & Oubliette stores.
*In total there will be 6 prizes. Please see the Hunt Prize key for details.

Photo Location - Baja norte 

                                                           I am Wearing:

                         Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                         Head: Genus Project Bento Mesh Head

                         Hair: Lamb - Dream (Uber)

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