Friday, June 22, 2018

You really wanna fight me?...Well Come at Me then......

Seeking revenge, a fiery redheaded female warrior sets out to retrieve a magic orb from an evil queen whose loyal warriors raped her and murdered her entire family. She finds unlikely allies along the way. 

[Upon being challenged by Sonja to a death-duel, in lieu of paying "tender tribute"] Woman, I have fought 177 men. Only one survives, and he has no legs. *You DARE to mock Brytag?*
That takes no daring. But when I've killed you will your warriors let me go unharmed?
*When you've KILLED me!*
[laughs scornfully] When this wench has killed me, you will let her go, won't you? 

This Round of Lootbox is simply AMAZING!!!I am SO in Love with the Super long hair from Sintiklia and The Red Warrior Outfit from Dirty Princess.I grew up reading the comics of this warrior and it was wonderful to see it brought to life in Second Life.....

 !Lumae - Catwa Cinnamon -T5//Neutral

Here is a brand new release for the Catwa heads called Cinnamon. She is available in all 8 tones at the Midsummer Enchantment Event that runs from 15th June - 30th June.

The skins are set at 50% discount, which makes them 425L each tone. They can purchased singularly or as a fatpack for a further discounted price.

set includes:
Body Hud 2018
Catwa Hud
Leevi Short Ears
Leevi Medium Ears
Leevi Long Ears

Sintiklia - Night Queen Hair Nox Rare 2 @ Lootbox
set includes:
Nox Breast Size 1 Fitted
Nox Breast Size 2 Fitted
Nox Breast Size 3 Fitted
Styler Hud
Materials on/off button
Hud Black&Whites
Hud Browns
Hud Dark Blondes
Hud Dark Blondes set 2
Hud Light Blondes
Hud Light Blondes set 2
Hud Reds
Bangs Set 3
Bangs Set 4

Dirty Princess - Epic Red Warrior Princess Gacha set @ Lootbox

Gacha Includes:

Bra Lootbox Rare (Bra&Hud,Arm cuffs&Hud,Choker&Hud)
Boots Lootbox Rare(Boots&Hud,Leg Cuffs&Hud)

Leg cuffs
Arm Cuff

Earrings Vip gift

Pose Used: Poseidon Poses - Goddess of Death 2 

Photo Location:WITCHWOOD

                                                             I am Wearing:

                                  Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                                 Head: Catwa Uma Bento Mesh Head (Catwa)

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