Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gabriella - The Winter Pixie

Gabriella is known as a Winter Pixie!She just LOVES everything Winter!She loves to help all the animals to get to their homes in time for Hiberbation.And even has some stay with her in her Fairy Home.There is even a Beautiful Bluebird She has named The Little Winter King who stays with her even thru the cold for he knows he will be well taken care of!His perch on Gabriella's tail is perfect for his sense of liberty but close enough for her to help if the need should arise.

Gabriella is wearing a Beautiful dress set made just for her by Ankle Biter it is available at their in world store for 695 linden so you can dress like her too.

Set Contains:
Boa White Fur
Body Layer 1 Petite Winter Pixie
Body Layer Full (Warm)2 Petite Winter Pixie
Facelight Hud
Head Crown
Hud Cam Ankle Biters
Ice Crystal animated pet
Necklace with pearl and snow crystal
pretty sharp fangs
skirt long Winter Pixie
Skirt Short Winter Pixie
Snow flake Head jewel
Staff no snow particles
Staff with snow particles
Tail Petite with Little Winter King
Wings Winter Pixie

I am wearing:

                               Body:Yabusaka Petite 2 Mesh Avatar (MP)
                              Skin:Lumae::Eirtae-T2-Cameo//Bare (Lumae)
                              Hair:Tameless-Pandora (Petite)-Naturals (Tameless)

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