Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Getting all Steamy with Mistah J...

MMMM Getting all Steamy with Mistah J.....

Hello again Kiddos!Harley here again!I could not resist this is such a gorgeous shower set made by Salacity.It comes preloaded with poses and water and of course steam hehehe.Thank you Arwenn once again for letting use your blogotex page ^_^

Salacity - Steamy Shower @ Illuminate Event

Set includes:
Steamy Shower
Steamy Shower (mirror)

Salacity's Steamy Shower is a great addition to any bathroom, offering a variety of textures and styles to fit any decor. It is loaded with great solo and couples animations, and includes working water elements.

There are solo and couples animations in the shower; for solo avatars, there are animations for bathing as well as other activities; for couples, cuddling, kissing, and erotic animations. The adult animations are configured to be compatible with XCite and Sensations genitals.

Two versions are included: the second (mirror) version is identical to the first except that the door and hardware are on the other side and the animations rotated accordingly. This allows the shower stall to fit into any space.

To change the textures on any part of the shower, click on the floor shadow and select from the menu. There are 7 textures for the tile walls, 7 for the floor, 6 types of glass, and 5  different metals for the hardware.

The Steamy Shower is 100% original mesh by Salacity, and therefore is a unique and exclusive item in Second Life.

***Customization Available***
If you would like a customized version of Salacity's Steamy Showerk, please contact Anggy Rasmuson in-world. We are willing to do custom textures/colors, add items for props, and other options. ALL custom work will be done based on a quoted rate, with 50% deposit required.

                                                   Harley is Wearing:

                       Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                      Head: Catwa Bibi Static Head (Catwa)

                      Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Delia Dark Tan Omega Skin (WoW Skins)

                      Hair: *Argrace* Chizuru Hair (Argrace)

                                                 Mistah J is Wearing:

                     Body: Altamura "Max" Bento Mesh Body (Altamura)

                     Hair:DYS - Hair Mesh Joker Leto (MP)

                     Tattoos from: ADN Suicide Joker (MP)

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