Saturday, May 5, 2018

In the Secret Garden Hideaway...

Secret Garden
Submitted By: reginascrapcrazy

My secret garden is a place to hide my sorrow, to feel the joy, to go inside my heart to get some feelings, to talk to special friends, to share my love, to dare to dream and
to bring my lover, to rise my flowers, to enjoy the beauty of Mother nature, to restore my hope, to have happy thoughts and sen them like birds, over the wall, over the world, above the clouds, as unspoken wishes of happiness, friendship and love; and hopefully they reach your heart wherever you are, wherever you go.
Oh! I miss you. 

 !!SMD!! Silvan Moon Designs - Anais Saturna Gown - Purple

exclusive set for Fantasy Gacha Carnival-May 2018. The event opens: May 7th. This collection has 6 colors!

Set Includes:

Belt Black
Belt Gold
Belt Pewter
Coat Maitreya
Coat Slink
Dress Maitreya
Dress Slink

Le Forme - May (Catwa) Sugar @ We Love Roleplay

Set Includes:
Lona Head Shape Maitreya
Catwa Head Applier
May Eyebrows Shape

!Musa! - Calcite Eyes @ Gacha Garden


Event deal:Seed of Inspiration /20 turn
Gimmie Gacha group gift

Elle Boutique - Raelynn Bento Ring Set

Exclusive for the Underdog Event April 14 - May 16th

Set includes:
Maitreya L&R
Slink L&R

Decor Used:

dust bunny . woodland dreams . makeshift gazebo

[CIRCA] - "Jardin de Ville" Outdoor Patio Collection

Illuminate Event Runs from Apr 18th to May 12th

50% Off during the event



Patio Table -
~ Touch candle for flame light
~ Flying butterflies with movement, inside cloche

Planter Boxes -
~ Flying butterfly versions with movement


12 animated positions in total
~ 6 female animations
~ 6 male animations
~ animations include: sitting, relaxing, & lounges

Ottomans - 2 texture versions
12 animated positions total - 6 per seat / Set A & Set B
~ 3 female animations per seat
~ 3 male animations per seat
~ animations include: sitting, chatting, & lounging

Lounge Bed:
54 animated positions in total. 
~ 20 female single positions
~ 16 male single positions
~ 9 syncronized couple sets
~ animations include: sitting, resting, chatting, reading, lounges, couple consoling, couple kisses, & couple cuddles, & couple lounges.


Total Setup varies in land impact depending on layout.
Bench - 4 LI
Chair - 3 LI
Ottomans - 3 LI each
Table with cloche - 10 LI
Table with cloche & candles - 19 LI each
Wall fountain - 4 LI
Clay oven - 4 LI
Trellis planters - 5 LI each
Planter box - 6 LI each
Hook stands with flowers - 5 to 8 LI each

Pose Used - +DreamCatcher+ - Roksana Vintage

                                                         I am Wearing:

                               Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                               Head: Catwa Lilly Bento Mesh Head (Catwa)

                               Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Nita Hair (Ayashi)

                              Collar: !dM Thyia - collar **Withered Leaves** (Devious Minds)