Friday, December 28, 2018

Priestess of the Light...

Poplar bells and oracle shells,
The Priestess stokes the fire.

The haze of incense:
Is it You who approaches?

Who alights in our midst,
Embracing the air with breath of myrrh and lilies?

 VENGE - Kemetic Orthadox Gacha (Unisex) - Gachaland 1/1 (Website)

Gacha includes:
Headdress RARE (Gold,Silver)

Earrings (Gold,Silver)
Nose Ring(Gold,Silver)
Necklace (Gold,Silver)
Eye of Ra (Gold Garnet,Gold Sapphire,Silver Garnet,Silver Sapphire)
Eye of Horus (Gold Garnet,Gold Sapphire,Silver Garnet,Silver Sapphire)

ND/MD ~ JOY skinline + shapes @ SENSE event
made for Genus Mesh Heads
Sets include:
Omega Body Applier Hud

Tones available are Dark/Darker/Light/Lightest

Pose Used ~ Serendipity ~ Genevieve

Photo Location ~ Da Vinci Gardens,Kalepa

                                                          I am Wearing:

                        Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                       Head: Genus Project Baby Face Mesh Head (Genus Project)

                       Hair: {Letituier} Cleo Hair Black (Letituier)

                       Clothes:  Moon Amore Egytian Tales Goddess Atire (Moon Amore)

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