Saturday, February 23, 2019

Rosie Waits for Sam to come home ....

[after destroying the One Ring]
Frodo Baggins: It's gone! It's done!
Samwise Gamgee: Yes, Mr. Frodo. It's over now.
Frodo Baggins: [closes his eyes] I can see the Shire. The Brandywine River. Bag End. Gandalf's fireworks, the lights, the party tree.
Samwise Gamgee: Rosie Cotton dancing. She had ribbons in her hair. If ever I was to marry someone... it would have been her. It would have been her!
Frodo Baggins: I'm glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things.

Enchantment has opened and is well underway!This round is Lord of the Rings and as usual I am blown away by all the wonderful creations that are here!If you have not had the chance to go...THIS is the round not to be missed!!!

 celebrate the 6 year anniversary! To mark this momentous occasion, we’ve chosen Lord Of The Rings to inspire us all! This wondrous tale inspires loyalty, courage, and most importantly…fellowship. Come and lose yourself in Middle Earth as you traverse a glorious build and shop from over 130 of SL’s most prolific designers with items inspired by LOTR.

                     Enchantment presents Lord of the Rings ~ FEB 9TH - MARCH 4TH

 Set includes:

Available in Pink/Red/Dark Brown

booN Lab.093 Hair @ Enchantment Feb 9th - March 4th
 Set includes:

Hud options are Black/Blonde/Brown/Colorful Pack

Le Forme ~ Idryl Skin @ Enchantment Feb 9th - March 4th

 Set includes:
Genus Project Applier Hud

Available in Ice,Sugar and Pale

Body Applier sold separately

Decor Used ~

{YD} Your Dreams ~ Hobbit House @ Enchantment Feb 9th - March 4th

 OW Old World ~ Gacha "Hobbit's Dinner" @ Enchantment Feb 9th - March 4th

 Gacha includes:
Rare Table with food

Dish of Turkey
Bowl of Eggs
Basin of Tomatoes
Wood Mug of Ale v1
Wood Mug of Ale v2
Wood Mug of vine
Bread with Green Onion
Pots of Sauce v2
Dish of Meatballs
Dish of Fish
Dish of Cheese
Soup Bowl
Bowl of Vegetables
Dish of Ham
Pots of sauce v1
Dish of Pies
Plate of Bread
Bowl of Apples
Bowl of Buns v1
Basin of Cauliflower
Dish of Sweet Pie
Dish Plate
Bowl of Buns v2
Wood Bench(14 sit anims)
Wood Stool v1(12 sit anims)
Wood Chair v2 (12 sit anims)
Wood Chair v1 (12 sit anims)
Wood Table

Pose Used ~ An Lar Poses ~ The Arwen Series @ Enchantment Feb 9th - March 4th

Set includes:
5 bento poses with Mirrors

            I am Wearing:

 Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

 Head: Genus Project Baby Face Bento Mesh Head (Genus Project)

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