Friday, February 15, 2019

For the Glory of Saruman......

   "We are the fighting Uruk-hai! We slew the great warrior. We took the prisoners. We are the servants of Saruman the Wise, The White Hand: The Hand that gives us man's-flesh to eat. We came out of Isengard, and led you here, and we shall lead you back by the way we choose."
    —The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Chapter 3, "The Uruk-hai". 

  Enchantment has opened and is in Full Swing!This round is Lord of the Rings and as usual I am blown away by all the wonderful creations that are here!If you have not had the chance to go...THIS is the round not to be missed!!!

 celebrate the 6 year anniversary! To mark this momentous occasion, we’ve chosen Lord Of The Rings to inspire us all! This wondrous tale inspires loyalty, courage, and most importantly…fellowship. Come and lose yourself in Middle Earth as you traverse a glorious build and shop from over 130 of SL’s most prolific designers with items inspired by LOTR.

                     Enchantment presents Lord of the Rings ~ FEB 9TH - MARCH 4TH

+Fallen Gods Inc.+ ~ Uruk Kin Female Skin @ Enchantment Feb 9th - March 4th

 Set includes:
Classic Skin Genesis Olive NB
Classic Skin Genesis Olive PG
Classic Skin Genesis Olive Pg NB
Classic Eyes Genesis Blood
Classic Eyes Genesis Dark
Classic Eyes Genesis Flesh
Soul Uniear
Soul Mer Uniear
Slink Nails
Slink Head
Slink Body
Omega Nails
Omega Head
Omega Eyes Blood
Omega Eyes Dark
Omega Eyes Flesh
Omega Body

+Fallen Gods Inc.+ ~ Hand of Saruman Blessing Tattoo @ Enchantment  Feb 9th - March 4th

 Set includes:
Classic Fading
Classic Fresh
Omega Fading
Omega Fresh

Eudora3D ~ Aerendyll Boots @ Enchantment Feb 9th - March 4th

 Set includes:
Boot Hud
Leggings Hud
Shoe base

Raven Bell ~ Ethiel Hair @ Enchantment Feb 9th - March 4th

 Set includes:
Hair F1
Hair F1 Mirror
Hair F2
Hair F2 Mirror
Hair F3
Hair F3 Mirror
Hair F4
Hair F4 Mirror
Hair M1
Hair M1 Mirror
Hair M2
Hair M2 Mirror
Hair M3
Hair M3 Mirror
Hair M4
Hair M4 Mirror
Rings Hud

Hud Color Options are Gradients/Mystic/Solids

*Cinnamon* ~ Dark Rider Water Horse Skin @ Enchantment Feb 9th - March 4th

 Set includes:
Dark Rider Hooves for WHR Horse
Dark Rider Hooves for WRH Unicorn
Dark Rider (No Wounds) Skin for WHRH & WHRU
Dark Rider Skin for WHRH & WHRU

*Cinnamon* ~ Undead Eye Red - For WHRH & WHRU @ Enchantment  Feb 9th - March 4th

 Set includes:
Undead Eye Applier for WHRH & WHRU

Sweet Thing. ~ Nahri Elf Ears @ Enchantment Feb 9th - March 4th

 Set includes:
Nahri Rigged (SizeShape in Your Sl Shape)
Non-Rigged L&R

Photo Location ~ Realm of Light ~

              I am wearing:

 Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Body (Maitreya)

 Head: Genus Project Baby Face (Genus Project)

 Outfit: Dirty Princess Epic Red Warrior (Dirty Princess)

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