Monday, January 23, 2017

Puppy Play Time

My Doggie

                                                     The trees all wear their bark outside,
                                                     Just as we wear our clothes;
                                                     Of course they never come inside
                                                     That's something we all know.

My little dog is different;
He wears a furry coat,
And keeps his bark all buttoned up
‘Way down inside his throat. 

Copyright 2008

Set Includes:
4 Shapes(1yr,1.5yrs,2yrs,3yrs)

Available in Orange,Pink,Green,Red,Purple

Sold seperatly for 199L or as BIG save fat pack for only 444L inworld.

The puppy ears are only sold as fat pack!
The 3 puppy tails, are free Linden tails I modified to fit Cuties toddlers, they are free of course.

                                                                        I am wearing:

                                                 Body:ND/MD Cuties-Sasha-Tan A (ND/MD)

 Hair:!IT!-Isobel (!IT!)

Display set:Jinx-Puppy Love (Jinx)

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