Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Shield Maiden to the Bone....

Viking women may not have been physically taught for battle but they see what their fathers or husbands do and learn.And they are more than capable of taking care of themselves!

“There were once women in Denmark who dressed themselves to look like men and spent almost every minute cultivating soldiers’ skills. …They courted military celebrity so earnestly that you would have guessed they had unsexed themselves. Those especially who had forceful personalities or were tall and elegant embarked on this way of life. As if they were forgetful of their true selves they put toughness before allure, aimed at conflicts instead of kisses, tasted blood, not lips, sought the clash of arms rather than the arm’s embrace, fitted to weapons hands which should have been weaving, desired not the couch but the kill…” (Fisher 1979, p. 212).

 Oh Valkyrie hear my Prayer...Take this shieldmaiden into Valhalla accept me as one of your own...

If I Were to Die in Battle
By Munin’s Kiss

If I were to die in battle,
Who would invite me home?
Would it be Odin or would it be Freyja,
Whose hall I’d be taken to?

Would Odin want me,
Would I make the cut?
Am I the type he’d want,
To be fighting by his side?

Would Freyja have me,
Would I feast in her halls?
Would she find me worthy,
To lend her my sword?

The two they stand together,
Ready to make the choice,
Him with his initiator,
Her initiator with her.

As the Valkyries fly me closer,
I can’t help but think,
Is it them that make the decision,
Or was it always my choice.

These Lovely items are at the New Round of Genre which is Vikings

Lumae:Catwa-Ruby-T6 Tawny/Gunnr
Set includes:
No Nipples Appliers & Layers
Body Applier Hud
Ear Appliers
Leevi Ears 3 sizes
Catwa Head Applier
Bento Shape Average
Bento Shape Fluffy
Classic top and Tattoo layers (Cleavage,Freckle/Cleavage,Freckle/Pushup,PushUp)
Shape Average [5 ft 10 in]
Belleza Shape [5 ft 10 in]
Curves Shape  [5 ft 10 in]
Faceless classic skin for mesh head only
Faceless classic skin for mesh head only/Freck

C&F Aijle Viking Maiden Blue/Rust

Set Includes:
Blouse & leggings Blue-Rust Appliers
Chemise Blue Classic
Leggings Classic
Alpha Half
Gown Alpha Full
Gown Alpha Show Legs/Feet
Mesh XXS-L
Fitmesh S,M,L
Beads S,M,L

I am wearing:

Body:Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Maitreya)

Head:Lelutka Simone Bento Mesh Head (Lelutka)

Hair: no.match_~No_Fiction-Reds (Past Hairology)

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