Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Queen's Daughter waits for her Knight.....

The Queen catches her Daughter in the garden waiting for her Knight and gives her some very sage advice....
'"A Knight in shining armor
may look good on paper
but they tend to rust away
when the storms within and around me rage.
Instead,give me a warrior
battle worn and true
who'll fight
beside me
with me
and for me
and stand steadfast
naked and undaunted
in the eye of the hurricane that I can become.
A real Man,
made of flesh and blood and honor
nothing mythic or contrived
just a simple heart
asking nothing of me
in return but love."

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We <3 Roleplay opened for it October round today October 4th and there are so many gorgeous items!I present to you !!SMD!! Lovely Queen's Daughter Gown set.

The Queen's Daughter gown/fatpack, 338L each/2,366L 7 colors with a matching head piece!

 Set includes:
Dress Hourglass
Dress Maitreya
Dress Slink
Dress Standard

 !!Firelight!! Cleo Hair (Shop Link is included just click the name ;) )

Set Includes:
unrigged Hair
Rigged Hair
Color Wheel Tinter Hud
Cleo Gen2 Hud Darks

Slipper Orginals Bento Felicity Palm Ring

This item is exclusive for Designer Circle 10/1 - 10/13/17

The Set Includes:
Palm Ring L&R Maitreya
Palm Ring L&R Slink

I am wearing:

Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body  (Maitreya)

Head: LAQ Lulu Bento Mesh Head (LAQ)

Skin: [7DS] Maureen Omega Face&Body-Carmel (7DS)

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