Friday, October 27, 2017

The Witch Weaves her Magic...

 Enigma Dec 2014


Who is she? I do not know.
Inhuman. She tangles my mind like no other.
One look, she glances over your soul 
With her pale hues and feline eyes,
I  have been baffled with her tight grasp.

Celestial. Confusing. Crafty. Cold.
That she is,
She has casted a spell on me,
That can only be broken by her.
Who is she?

Puzzled. I have been,
A witch? Could it be?
Her voice is melodiously venomous,
I have been mesmerized,
She has clung to my soul.

A distinguished walk,
The childlike enthusiasm,
An enigmatic character,
Her signals are vague,
She is full of anonymity.

Marked with beauty, a mask hides her personality
The possessor of the key to my heart,
She is a mystery.

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 !Musa! Flourite Eyes

Available at Matsuri is a special version of Creators Collaboration Box Event.
Oct 1st-31st

Set Includes:
Classic Eyes (Ainsel,Alp,Banshee,Brownie,Cryad,Hekate,Jinn,Kelpie,Knocker,Leannan,Maeve,Mermaid,Neraid,Nyx,Pixie,Silky,Siren,Willow)
Omega Fatpack Hud

!Musa! Dragon Wand

Set Includes:
Dragon Wand High Li
Dragon Wand Low Li(For display)

[MLC] M'era Luna Couture - October Makeup (Mp)

Set Includes:
Classic Makeup
Omega Hud Applier

[Marquesse] Witch Queen Gown

Set includes:
Slink Hourglass
Slink Physique
Shoes Belleza,Maitreya,Non-Rigged,Slink
Dress Alpha

!!Firelight!! Astrid

Set Includes:
Busty Rigged
Hair Tinter-Color Wheel Hud
Darks Hud

Photo Taken at Sweet Revolutions

Poses Used :

.::AnVeay::. "Dark Magic"

                                                                   I am wearing:

                                              Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Body (Maitreya)

                                              Head: Catwa Tala Bento Head (Catwa)

                                              Skin: Lumae Catwa-Ruby T4-Fawn (Lumae)

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