Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mirror,mirror on the wall.....

Queen: Slave in the magic mirror, come from the farthest space, through wind and darkness I summon thee. Speak! Let me see thy face. Magic Mirror: What wouldst thou know, my Queen? Queen: Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Magic Mirror: Famed is thy beauty, Majesty. But hold, a lovely maid I see. Rags cannot hide her gentle grace. Alas, she is more fair than thee. Queen: Alas for her! Reveal her name. Magic Mirror: Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow. Queen: Snow White!

Enchantment opens in just a few short days!YAY!This November round is Snow White.It opens November 11th at Noon slt and runs until November 30th

!!!SMD!!! Evil Queen Grimhilde Gown
available in 6 colors

Set includes:
Dress (Classic S,Curvy M,Maitreya,Slink,Waif XS)
Belt (classic s,Curvy M,Maitreya,Slink,Waif XS)
OverSkirt (Classic S,Curvy M,Maitreya,Slink,Waif XS)
Sleeve (Classic S,Curvy M,Maitreya,Slink,Waif XS)
Collar (Mod)

.Oppa. Crystal Necklace


Set Includes:
Hud Gold
Hud Silver

The Half Moon Market Queen's Diadem


Gacha Options are:
Diadem Black
Diadem Blue
Diadem Gold
Diadem Green
Diadem Lilac
Diadem Peach
Diadem Platinum
Diadem Rose
Diadem Siver
Diadem Teal
RARES (Black/Crimson,Black/Purple,CopperGold,Gold/Rose,Silver/Gold)

*TKW* Tukinowaguma Lierop


Set Includes:
Lierop [Boob1]
Lierop [Boob2]
stylist Hud

Color Hud Options are:
Blondes 1,2
Browns 1,2
Colors 1,2
NaturalColors 1,2
RedsBlacks 1,2

[Black Tulip] HG-Mirror mirror on the wall

Set includes:
mirror with actions

an lar [poses] The Regina Series (MP)


                                                        I am wearing:

                           Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                           Head: Lelutka Simone Bento Mesh Head (Lelutka)

                           Skin: Glam Affair-Ophelia-Asia (Glam Affair)

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