Monday, August 13, 2018

Who Says it has to be a Frog Prince?

There was once a Lovely Young Princess,She was loved by all her subjects,She was kind and caring and always looked out for all even the lowly creatures of the kingdom.Everyone sang her praises,save one..The Queen.The Queen had married the princess's father before she knew he had a daughter.He kept the Princess a secret.Why noone really knew except maybe he did not want to make the Lady feel pressed to be an instant mother.It was a long trip home from the place they married to his kingdom and sadly during the trip home the King fell ill with a fever.He did make it home before he succumbed to the fever and just barely had time to introduce the Princess and His Bride to each before he closed his eyes and passed away.

Sadness blanketed the kingdom and the castle after the Kings passing as thick as a black cloud over the sun...The Princess and the Queen locked themselves in their rooms and barely spoke to each other.The more the Queen saw the Princess the more she was reminded of her circumstances and she was bound and determined to rid herself of it all.Now the Queen had hid things from her King as well ,she was an adept at magic,and while the Princess slept she wove a powerful spell.Which turned the Princess into a Frog.This spell would last forever with only one way to break the curse.The Princess had to find her one true love one that would look past her outward appearance and see the Lovely Maiden inside.....Will you be her savior?Will you be the one to kiss her and make her Human again?Would you even try?Ah We Shall See.....

           ENCHANTMENT  has opened and will run from Aug 11th -31st. 

 [Stargazer Creations] - Anura Skin Set @ Enchantment Frog Prince

Set includes:
Skin Applier
Eye Applier
Nail Polish Applier
Classic Skin
Classic Eyes

Sorumin - Moden Princess Gacha @ Enchantment Frog Prince

Set includes:
Rare Bodysuit/Hud
Crown Gold
Crown Silver
Top (Blue/White/Pink/Orange/Black)

Analog Dog - Tia Hair @ Enchantment Frog Prince

Set includes:
Rigged hair

Hud options are:
Light Reds,Dark Reds,Light Blondes,Dark Blondes,Light Browns.Dark Browns,Blacks,Splash

Bliensen + MeiTai - Ribbit @ Enchantment Frog Prince

Set includes:
Earrings L&R

Pose Used:

Le Poppycock - *Sweet Madness* Gacha @ Enchantment Frog Prince

Gacha includes:
Beneath the Surface
Chance Encounter
Empty Promise
Green Dream
Irrational Longing
Just One Kiss
Like a Lily
Magic's Pawn
Out of Reach
What May Be

Decor Used :

MOoH! - Rotating waterlillies Gacha @ Enchantment Frog Prince

Gacha Includes:
forest lantern standing
forest lantern standing arch
forest lanter wall down
frog prince with gold ball
rock pond with sheltering leaves
waterlillies Purple
waterlillies Blue
waterlillies pink
waterlillies yellow
rocks with ivy and fireflies RARE
pond with waterfall RARE

MOoH! - Hunt Gift - Cattails with DragonFlies


                                                               I am Wearing:

                                 Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                                 Head: LAQ Rain Bento Mesh Head (Collabor88)

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