Thursday, September 20, 2018

Welcome Fall.....

"Come,little leaves."
said the wind one day.
"Come down to the meadow
and we shall play.
Put on your dresses
of red and gold,
For summer is past
and the days grow cold.

Dancing and leaping
The leaves went along,
Until winter called them
to end their sweet song.

Soon,fast asleep
in their earthy beds,
The snow lay a coverlet
Over their heads.

[ Stargazer Creations] ~ Taryne Skin Gacha Now @ The Liaison Collaborative

Event: The Liaison Collaborative

Price: 75LL Per Play

Gacha Includes:
Omega Skin Appliers
15 Tones(Gold,Moonstone,Lapis,Obsidian,Alabaster,Ultraviolet,Rain,Azure,Orchid,Copper,Rose,Ruby,Mint,Leaf & Turquoise)

Compatible with:
AK (Areruka)
Kittie's Lair
And Many More Omega Compatible Seen on Catwa Uma Head

[Stargazer Creations] ~  Dryad Eyes Set @ We Love Roleplay OMEGA Applier Only. Compatible Mesh Eyes required!

Set includes:
Omega Eye Applier

Bonbon - Falling Lady - Hair B Rare @ The Arcade

Set includes:
Hair B [Fit]
Hair Leaves
Hair Leaves Hud
Hud [Blonde]
Hud [Brown]
Hud [Colour1]
Hud [Colour2]
Hud [Greyscale]
Hud [Ombre1]
Hud [Ombre2]
Hud [Red]
Hud [Bonus]

[Stargazer Creations] ~ Piercing Set - Vinda (Brokkr Colab) @ We Love Roleplay
 Tested for CATWA Catya Uma Lona Kimberly. Compatible Mesh Head required!

Set includes:
Vinda Set (Catwa Catya)
Vinda Set (Catwa Kimberly)
Vinda Set (Catwa Lona)
Vinda Set (Catwa Uma)
Vinda Set Texture Hud

[Stargazer Creations] ~ Bento Wings Set - Corruption @ The Fantasy Collective

Set includes:
Hud 1
Hud 2
Bento Animation Hud

50% off for the event 150 L

!dM DeviousMind ~ LightBringer Silks Gacha @ The Fantasy Collective

Gacha includes:
20 commons
Rare Chains & Coins
Rare Bento Silk Drapes
Rare Guiding Light & Wandering Stars

**CC** Cole's Corner-Autumn Breeze Particles

Autumn Breeze – 2 piece wearable autumn leaves particle effects set.

2 wear options:

* always on and blowing around you
* only emits when you walk/run/fly :D

Pose Used: Elephante Poses - Fairy Steps (past Enchantment Hunt Gift)

Pose Locations-Luanes World-Romantic Sim

                                                           I am Wearing:

                              Body: Maitreya Lara Bento mesh Body (Maitreya)

                              Head: Catwa Uma Bento Mesh head (Catwa)

                              Ears: Manadala Elf Ears (Mandala)

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