Sunday, December 3, 2017

Echoes of the Past Call to Me....

The Passing of the Gael

They are going, going, going from the valleys and the hills
They are leaving far behind them heathery moor and mountain rills,
All the wealth of hawthorn hedges where the brown thrush sways and thrills They are going, shy-eyed cailins, and lads so straight and tall
From the purple peaks of Kerry, from the crags of wild Imaal,
From the greening plains of Mayo, and the glens of Dangle
They are leaving pleasant places,shores with snowy sands outspread;
Blue and lonely lakes a-stirring when the wind stirs overhead;
Tender living hearts that love them, and the graves of kindred dead.
They shall carry to the distant land a tear-drop in the eye
And some shall go uncomforted, their days an endless sigh
For Kathalen No Houlihan's sad face until they die.
Oh,Kathaleen No Houlihan, your road's a thorny way,
And 'tis a faithful soul would walk on the flints with you for aye,
Would walk the sharp and cruel flints until his locks grew grey,
So some must wander to the East, and some must wander West;
Some seek the white wastes of the North and some a Southern nest;
Yet never shall they sleep so sweet as on your mother breast.
Within the city streets, hot hurried full of care
A sudden dream shall bring them a whiff of Irish air --
A cool air, faintly-scented, blown soft from otherwhere
Oh, the cabins long-deserted! Olden memories awake.
Oh, the pleasant, pleasant places! Hush! the blackbird in the brake!
Oh, the dear and kindly voices! Now their hearts are fain to ache.
The may win a golden store--sure the whins were golden too;
And no foreign skies hold beauty like the rainy skies they knew;
Nor any night-wind cool the brow as did the foggy dew.
They are going, going, going and we cannot bid them stay:
Their fields are now the stranger's,where the stranger's cattle stray,
Oh! Kathaleen No Houlihan, your way's a thorny way!

                                                               Landing Point

 !!SMD!! Brightwood Myst Gown- Kelly


Set Includes:
slink Hourglass
Slink Physique
Standard Alpha

Available at the December Round of We Love Roleplay which opens December 4th

Also Available in Blue,Domino,Lemon,Peach,Periwinkle,Pink,Teal and Violet

Rezology Sky 275


Set includes:
Sky 275
Hair hud
Head Alpha
Null Hairbase
Shape Template

Slipper Orginals Autumn Rings


Autumn Rings are Exclusive for the Autumn Frost Fair

Nov 18 - Dec 6, 2017

Set Includes;
Ring set Maitreya L&R
Ring Set Slink L&R
Hud (with 6 metal tones to choose from)

an lar [poses] The Amara Series & The Moon Series


Photo Location  The White Amory

                                                                I am wearing:

                                      Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                                      Head: Catwa Lilly Bento Mesh Head (Catwa)

                                      Skin: Glam Affair-Miriam Winter Skin (Fifty Linden Friday)

                                      Freckles: Izzie's Catwa Freckles Applier (Izzie's)

                                      Eyes: ::SG:: Climax Catwa Eyes (SlackGirl)

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