Friday, April 6, 2018

Beautiful Lady Snow....

White Winter's Lament

Of pale moon ghosts I reminisce
on how I've froze
in powdered woes
And Nothing good can come of this
struck by love's
snow lightning doves
And Lady Winter's frigid kiss
like icebergs loosening my lips
and sinking my relationships
In blizzards of cold-blooded bliss
fearless should the pulsing stanch
invincible my avalanche

Michael Marchese Oct 22,2016

 Venge - Lady Snow (Petite Version)

Set Includes:
Fur Neck Piece
Puff Sleeve Right
Puff Sleeve Left

!Musa! - Abyss Eyes available @ WLRP  

Event deal:30% Off

Set Includes:
Omega Applier Hud with all 10 colors
Classic Eyes

Colors are Coral,Lorelei,Marmaid,Nereid,Rockfish,Seaweed,Shell,Siren,Starfish and Yrr

Tameless - Nessa (Petite)

Set includes:
Hair with built in color hud

Photo Location - The Outer Garden

Pose Used -  *PosESion*- Frozen

                                                     I am Wearing:

                                Body: Yabusaka Petite 3 Bento Mesh Body (Yabusaka)

                                Head: Yabusaka Petite Bento HeadB (Yabusaka)

                                Skin: Lumae :: Adore : 2 Satin :: Bare (Lumae)

                                Cold Breath Particle: [DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality  (MP)

                                Snowflake Particles: Ankle Biter (Ankle Biter)

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