Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice, and, the Cosmic Order ......

The ancient Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, and, the cosmic order Maat (or ma-yet) was responsible for regulating both the stars and the seasons. Venerated as an important deity during the Old Kingdom period (circa 27th century – 22nd century BC), she was considered as the daughter of Atum (or Ra), and as such implied the superiority of order, justice, and even harmony.

Pertaining to these aspects, the ma’at was envisaged as a guideline for human behavior that would conform to the will of the gods, thus in the process establishing a universal order. This cosmic balance was also reflected in the studies of the ancient Egyptian astronomers who charted the Earth’s orbit with the celestial paths of the stars and other planets. Simply put, this ambit of balance was perceived as a principle that was to be adopted by Egyptians in their daily lives, which in turn established the virtues of truth, family life, and the belief system centered around the various deities.

Venge - Nefer Revisited w Omega Appliers

set includes:
Skirt Hud
Nefer Top Bare Omega Hud
Nefer Top - White
Nefer Top - Blue
Nefer Top - Gold
Nefer Top - Purple
Nefer Top - Red
Nefer Top - Special Hue
Skirt  XXS-L
Classic Top - Bare
Classic Top - Blue
Classic Top - Cream
Classic Top - Gold
Classic Top - Purple
Classic Top - Red
Classic Top - Special Hue

Venge - Catwa & Omega - Splash Makeup @ The Underdog Event

Set Includes:
Catwa Hud
Venge - Omega Hud - Splash Face Makeup - Pink Tangerine
Venge - Omega Hud - Splash Face Makeup - Aqua Lilac
Venge - Omega Hud - Splash Face Makeup - Indigo Pink
Venge - Omega Hud - Splash Face Makeup - Ink & Blood
Venge - Omega Hud - Splash Face Makeup - Monotone
Venge - Omega Hud - Splash Face Makeup - Neon
Classic - Splash Makeup - Aqua Lilac
Classic - Splash Makeup - Indigo Pink
Classic - Splash Makeup - Ink & Blood
Classic - Splash Makeup - Monotone
Classic - Splash Makeup - Neon
Classic - Splash Makeup - Pink Tangerine

Venge - Bejeweled Catwa Lashes

Set Includes:
Catwa Hud

Pose Used: *PosESioN* Italian Set

Photo Location - Sands of Time 

                            I am Wearing:

            Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

            Head: Catwa Tala Bento Mesh Head (Catwa)

            Skin: Glam Affair - Dolly -Catwa Head Applier (Glam Affair)

            Hair: pr!tty - Aliya (pr!tty)

            Eyes: **A Forma** Gift Galaxy Eyes Catwa (A Forma)

            Necklace: Eye of Horus

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