Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Music of the Faire moves Me.....

                           Life Is A dance

Feel the rhythm and the beat, that sweet percussion of life. Feel the tempo ebb and flow, delight in that harmonic spice. Watch the trees belly dance, to the song of the coming storm. Hear the rain tap dance a cadence, as the playful puddles take form. Watch the creek pirouette, as it flows over smooth stones. Hear the mighty ocean waves call out, as they roll a deep baritone. All around is the symphony, that Mother nature dances 'round. Heed the call within your blood, go dance unchained, unbound.
The Music of Fantasy Faire moves me...the rhythm ,the ebb and flow of life...
Let it move you,stir your imagination and open you heart and soul...
feel the dance,let it heal your soul and the lives of others around you...
 ND/MD Nirma Designs - Zoe Vista RFL (location @ Fantasy Faire)

Set Includes:
this years RFL items are the NEW releases: ND/MD ZOE head skin applier HUD + ND/MD ZOE shape for Lilly CATWA + ND/MD ZOE shape for Lelutka CATE.
The body appliers are sold seperatly.

Rainy Fey Creations - WindDancer Harem Outfit RFL (location @ Fantasy Faire)

Set Includes:
Alpha Pants
Alpha Top
Pants (Freya,Isis,eBody,Naitreya,Slink Hourglass,Slink Physique,TMP,Tonic Fine,Tonic Curvy,Ocacin,XS-XL)
Top (Freya,Isis,eBody,Naitreya,Slink Hourglass,Slink Physique,TMP,Tonic Fine,Tonic Curvy,Ocacin,XS-XL)

:Z.S.: Zombie Suicide - Crystal Swirl Earrings (location @ Fantasy Faire)

Set Includes:
Earrings L&R

{Acios} - Teleria Jewelry Set (location @ Fantasy Faire)

Set Includes:
Earrings L&R
Necklace Hud

~L/Fx~ Lantian Flox - Faceted Drop Necklace, Dragon purple 
((location @ Fantasy Faire) 

Set includes:
Necklace Large
Necklace Small

Photo Location - Sanoria
                                                          I am Wearing:

                                   Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                                   Head: Vista Zoe Bento Mesh Head (Vista)

                                   Hair: No.Match_No.Fiction (No.Match)


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