Sunday, April 29, 2018

Protector of the Faire....

In the shadows she waits....
She watches people come and go....
She makes sure all is as it should be..
No one causing trouble or even raising a voice...
She is the Protector of the Faire so you better be on your best behavior 
Or you will not like what she does...

 Fantasy Faire has been extended until May 7th yaaaay!If you have not been there to see all the wonderful items you still have time....

                                                                  WEBSITE LINK

 Venge - Catwa - Monstrou_Fantasy Faire  - Location @ Fantasy Faire

Set includes:
Catwa Hud
Omega Hud
mesh Eye L
Mesh Eye R
Monstrou Horn
Classic Face Makeup
Eye Alpha

SN Sinful Needs - Reverie Female - Amethyst 100% Relay for Life Item  - Location @ Fantasy Faire

Set includes:
Classic Skin - Waxed - Jet Brows
Classic Skin - Waxed - No Brows
Classic Skin - Waxed - Platinum Brows
Classic Skin - Waxed - White Brows
Artisan Skin Applier Omni-Hud2
Classic Avi Shape
Mesh Avi Shape
Mesh - Shape - Reverie
Shape - Reverie
Female Classic Avi Pleasure Patch Tats box

10 of the tones of Reverie skin,created exclusively for Fantasy Faire. The Amethyst tone is the one the full 100% RFL vendors in the booth. The others are in vendors... though for the

duration of the Faire, those other 9 tones are still donating 25% of the proceeds to RFL via vendor split. 

!!Firelight!! - Karya Rainbow -  Location @ Fantasy Faire

Set includes:
Rigged Mesh Hair
Busty Rigged Mesh Hair
Hair Tinter - Color Wheel Hud V2

Pose Used: Poseidon Poses - Swingers 

Photo Location - Willows of Nienna @ Fantasy Faire

                                                  I am Wearing:

                                Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Body (Maitreya)

                                Head: Catwa Uma Bento Mesh Head (Catwa)

                                Outfit: Luas Livia RARE (Luas)

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