Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A Relaxing Day.....

in the summer
the good things in life seem to stay;
like the color yellow, or a warm summer's day
waking up early, running barefoot in grass
feeling the morning dew brush past

hearing the twinkle of an ice cream truck
if you go, you'll catch it, with luck
eating a popsicle as the sun beats down
riding a bike through a small playground

when dusk comes, once again
we're swimming at night and playing with friends
lighting sparklers that shine brighter than stars
popping cap guns you could hear from afar

running barefoot right down the street
giving the neighborhood dog a treat
taking polaroids like the pictures will stay
but lost them then, by the next summer day

watching as fog rolls slowly ahead
the sun goes down, so time for bed
excitement and thrill, time for a sleepover
the day, for now, will never be over!

karaoke on beds at the ***** midnight
crashes of thunder, scary stories, and fright!
still, pretty soon,  we get used to it
or in the summer, it all happens quick

never sleeping, don't want it to end
even though there's the weekdays and weekend
glowing lights hang above the bed
sleepy eyes remind us dumb things said

summer, now, doesn't last forever
even if we must change the weather
we must savor it, you and me
and kiss summer hello thrillfully!

BlackAndWhiteStars Apr 2018

Stix ~ Onija Skin Fair Exclusive @ Skin Fair 2019 opens on March 8th.

Set includes:
Classic Puddin' (MCL N EBON)
Classic Puddin' (MCL N GINGER)
Classic Puddin' (MCL N No Brow)
Classic Puddin' (MCL N PINK)
Classic Puddin' (MCL N PLATINUM)
Classic Puddin' (MCL NN EBON)
Classic Puddin' (MCL NN GINGER)
Classic Puddin' (MCL NN NO BROW)
Classic Puddin' (MCL NN PINK)
Classic Puddin' (MCL NN PLATINUM)
Omega Hud +Materials
(Body Appliers Sold Separately)

Available in Snow/Cream/ButterScotch/Puddin'/Chocolate

[Stargazer Creations] ~ O-Mesh Circuit Elf Ear (Omega Ready) @ Skin Fair 
opens on March 8th.
Set includes:
Ears R&L
Accessories Hud 2.0 Basic Metals
Hud 2.0 Ear Shading

L.I.C. Lyndy in Chains ~ Elegante' Bento Finger Bracelet

Set includes:
Bracelets (Maitreya/Slink/Tonic)

HORNTAIL ~ Leika Maitreya Kawaii Swimsuit Gacha @ Belle Event March

Gacha includes:
Maitreya Ribbon Choker
Maitreya Swimsuit

Colors include (White/Rose Gold/Red/Purple/Pink/Lime/Gold/Cyan/Blue/Black)

Decor Used ~

Mutresse-Sleeping2-Chubby Puppies @ Arcade 

::Una:: ~ Butterfly Armor Gacha ~ Butterfly Fly Effect

Pose Used ~ FOXCITY. Beach Bunny 

Photo Location ~ Baja Norte ~

                                                                 I am Wearing:

                                 Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                                 Head: Genus Project Baby Face Bento Mesh Head (Genus Project)

                                 Hair: Besom Dove (Besom)

                                 Eyes: Avi-Glam Striking Eye 6 (AviGlam)

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