Saturday, March 2, 2019

To Be Bathed in Starlight...

Even millions of years after a star crashes into oblivion,
It's light will shine far away.
Flowing, spreading, glistening on moons,
Its light will travel far.
Running, unstoppable, until it touches the edge of forever.
Weary, complete, fulfilled, it leaves...

I'm a human, made of stardust, burning inside.
Perhaps I'll shine too.

EveOfWhat Oct 2018

HORNTAIL - Momoka Maitreya Swimsuit

Set includes:
Maitreya Swimsuit

Available in Babypink/Black/Blue/Brown/Cyan/Gold/Gray/Lime/NavyBlue/Pastelgold/Pastelred/Pink/Purple/Rosegold/Silver/White

BonBon ~ Sleepy Star ~ Hair B Rare @ Arcade March 1st - 31st

Set includes:
Hair A Unrigged
Hair Stars A Hud(Color1,Color2,Color3,Color4,Natural1,Natural2,Natural3,Natural4,Obre1,Ombre2,Ombre3,Ombre4)

[Mudskin] ~ Youn Hee @ Arcade March 1st - 31st

Set includes:
Genus Head Applier
Classic Base Skin

Decor used ~ bonbon - sleepy star - backdrop RARE @ Arcade March 1st - 31st

Pose Used ~ Stardust ~ Princess
                                                     I am Wearing:

                      Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                      Head: Genus Project Baby Face Bent o Mesh Head (Genus Project)

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