Monday, March 4, 2019

Lady Pandora Observes Her Kingdom....

 Pandora had a box.
Filled with all the things.
She was told not to open.
For devasty it brings.

But overwhelmed with curiosity.
She lifted up the lid.
And out escaped everything.
But she was just a kid.

She didnt know what would come out.
Jealousy, greed, wrath, and pain.
She didnt know what would happen.
Hurt, lies, cruelty, and hate.

She quickly closed the lid.
And checked to make it tight.
Trapped inside was hope.
And all the things right.

All that was left in Pandoras box.
Was happiness, joy, and love.
To fight off all the other things.
With the help of the lord above.

No one knows what happened.
To Pandoras box.
My theory is its buried.
Shut with many locks.

Holding in it treasures.
That we cannot explain.
Pandora had the right idea.
To release all that pain.

We have to have bad things.
To appreciate the good.
Otherwise there worthless.
Like a rotten piece of wood.

People tell this story.
In many different ways.
The reason for emotions.
That we cannot explain.

Silence Dogood

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                                                             I am Wearing:

                                    Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                                    Head: Genus Project Baby Face Bento Mesh Head (Genus Project)

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