Monday, May 8, 2017

Beast's Lil Belle...

Belle descends the stairs,
all the enchanted staff gasp and smile,
 the light glows off of her Golden Ballgown,
she reaches up to tuck a stray piece of hair behind her ear nervously,

Can you just see this?What if Belle was smaller when she went to the Beast to save her Father.Would the tale end the same?YES!Because Love always wins ^_^ The Beast would just have to wait a bit giggles.

This Super cute dress from ND/MD just screams Belle from Beauty and the Beast!What a perfect addition to the Kid to Kid event!it runs from May 5th until  31st

ND/MD Cuties Yellow Rose Princess

Set Includes:
Hair Flower Small
Hair Flower BIG
Earings L&R
Shoe L&R
Skirt XS
Sleeves L&R

I am wearing:

Body:ND/MD Sasha Avatar (ND/MD)

Hair:Olive-The Beauty-Morning Coffee (Olive)

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