Thursday, June 1, 2017

Duchess of Ondaine

 Within the twilight mist, Ondaine appears but vanishes as quickly as it is seen. Only true believers, the ones of sight of the sixth sense, know of its creation and being. And of these is the goddess of all.Truth of all creations. She flows the air to you, the breath of life.Though none have ever seen her true form, they feel her here, there and everywhere. She loves to paint the colors of the sky as the sun departs the earth into the night. The twinkles you see, however, are not merely just stars as your eyes trick you to see and here.... our story begins.....

  The leaves in the grove sway gently at her side as she walks by, the twinkling light of her children, she watches at play, a smile to her face, a joy her heart longs for... though as she walks, her lips parting softly with a tilt of her head and eyes adverting to the ground, she bares a slight emptiness....Onward, she walks, her eyes astray, her face stiff as her steps quickened before her.Till there, in the distance, she came to her quiet place, the place where she goes for solitude to speak to her star that does not twinkle at night, For this star, was different and not of her many children.Her steps slowed, one foot in front of the other was placed, till she reaches the stone before her, she looked to it, her chest rising from deep breathes. Swallowing hard, she looked up to the lone star that bared not twinkle.

"Oh, one...." she trailed into a whisper that sang in the night like a lulaby in the hearts of the young. "Where be of you on this night...." She continued to whisper as if to speak to someone of afar. "Midst my dreams, I see, but in my arms you are not to be....."She swallowed hard, her head lowering. Her heart falling heavy with a solitary tear in her eye.She longed for her passed love, the twinkle in her night that shall never shine in her night again.shes happy and at peace with how things are, but she bares an emptiness that can never be filled.But within her heart does he still live, the twinkle of her night that breathes the life within her.she lives for him, his memory.

All these beautiful items are from this round of UAC Medieval Faire which runs from May 18th thru June 19th.What could be a more Noble event to support than one seeking a cure!

 ~JMK~ Duchess Rosemary Gown 299 L

Set Includes:
Fitmesh Maitreya
Fitmesh Slink
Fitmesh Tmp
Fitmesh Hourglass
Fitmesh Belleza
Sleeves L&R XXS-L

Ab.Fab Hope - Milk Skin Exclusive -


Set includes:
Catwa Applier
Omega Applier

Captivating! Whitney Set Amethyst & Silver


Earrings L&R
Simple Shelby Wildflower Tunnel
Set includes:
Blueberry fae
Blackberry fae
Mushroom Fairy-pink
Wildflower Tunnel

I am wearing:

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Maitreya)

Head: Catwa Lilo Bento Mesh Head (Catwa)

Hair: *TKW* Tukinowaguma Taube (*TKW*)

Ears: Logo Expressive Chloe Small (Logo)

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