Friday, June 2, 2017

Princess Ashara's Grand Adventure

Behind the castle walls, she is bound, chained to her royal duties, betrothed to one though he dares not hold her heart true.With a sigh, longing at night, she leans out her tower window, her heart speaking in secret silence to the moon. A wish she quickly makes upon the passing of a shooting star.
With a smile, her wish now carried across the sky, she turned away, for the Sandman had come to visit.The morning soon came, departing the mists of the dreary night.The clouds hovered low, the sun high above to spread warmth to all below it.Music caressed her ears with the illuminating sound of instruments as her eyes fluttered open softly, a hint of a yawn escaping her, the irresistible sounds drawing her to her bedroom window.

 Upon approaching her window, the sleep being wiped from her eyes that seemed to widen at the sight that was bestowed to them on this morning.The Royal Festive had come to town. Oh, how she longed to go and to endure the luxury it brings to many hearts, but she knew it was forbidden to her to mingle with the commoners. With a heavy heart, she pulled herself away from her window and the sight it bestowed to the view of her eyes.The day, going by slowly as it did, only brought thoughts to her mind. Thoughts she had never taken upon herself to think before. She wanted to go so badly. She just had to go.She listened to the rustling of the boots outside her bedroom door as the guards walked by, the armor clanking against the weapons.

Silence then fell upon the room and her ears and without a moment to spare, she sprung to her closet, her hands fast as the wind. A hooded cloak thrown upon her, the hood concealing her identity. And with a swift turn, she was gone like a thief in the night.Down the tower stairs, she ran, staying clear of the guards, to the secret grotto door.
 She entered its chambers that lead to the broken bridge that no one dares to take anymore due to a rumored curse. Those said to cross had been known to suffer a dark fate, but this did not scare her, but only tempted her more.
Across it she ran into the open field of wheat, her feet fast as lighting. No one had seen a princess of her class run in such a manner, but how she looked, she did not care.

 Suddenly she came to a stop, lost of breath, for something stood before her, and before her was a horse of chestnut color, and a kind inner spirit. Upon looking to her, the horse came to her without hesitation, indicating to her as if he wanted her to hop on his back. She seemed sort of shocked yet curiously she proceeded with the creatures offering.Before she knew it she was there, the destination she had set forth for herself. It was like fate had guided her here of its own doing. Hopping off the horse, she looked around in awe at the fun sightings before her, a smile playing upon her delicate face.

 With a gasp, the sight of a glow capturing her attention that threw her into an allure state of mind. Slowly she stepped forth to the Fortune teller before her that gleamed at her with a peculiar smile. She welcomed the princess to sit and to gaze upon the glow of the crystal ball. A ramble of a spell, words with no meaning to them spoken sent her into a daze but then the teller stopped, a low gasp heard from the breath of her body as she spoke of a dark, mysterious man that awaited her and to not marry the one whom had she been promised to....Startled by the premonition of the teller, her lips parting from a gasp, the princess stood, turning away as she walked away quickly not knowing just how soon her fortune was to come true.....

  Lady Ashara explored the many things though her sights set on the teller's words, she ponders at the thought of what she meant. Who he might be and when he would appear, not knowing that her feet were guiding her to where this mysterious one was firmly set. The lone path she followed led her away from the laughter of the crowd, the thrills and excitement of the festival as she lingered on the words of the mysterious man. His words speaking to her "I have waited for you here.... waiting a long time...." And with a turn of his head, a lock of their eyes instantly, she was hypnotized by the dark, handsome man. "I am he who she spoke of."

 He cocked a smirk of a grin, his eyes gleaming as he kept his stare upon her. Closer and closer to him she walked. He extended a hand for her to take, as she reached out to take his upon her own.... Who is this dark messiah that has taken her heart? Is it a trance of a curse to trick her or is it love at first sight? Dare she touch, dare she fall into his arms?  Fate has a way of changing your life plans when you least expect it.Dare she allow him to place his lips on her own to taste them?What will become of her if he takes her completely?

UAC Medieval Faire is here (Unmasking a Cure) May 18th - June 19th
There are some wonderful creators and lovely items.What more Noble a cause can there be to support?

 [folklorica] Ashara [Cobalt]


Set includes:
Dress XXS-L
Circlet of Peony Roses

Moondrops - RFL -Triskel Choker


Set includes:
Texture change Hud

I am wearing:

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Maitreya)

Head: Genesis Lab - Flor (Arcade)

Skin: Genesis Lab - Flor - Tiramisu

Hair: Tableau Vivant\\Summer Hairplay-Sundowner-blonds (Arcade)

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