Saturday, June 17, 2017

Will He ever get here?

 Alas, she waits, the whispering of the wind russling through the maple and pine leaves as they carried her voice like a song to his ears.His name with her heart of true she spoke. Was finally peace amongst Nottingham. By the forest they lived,  Good King Richard righting the wrong that was done while away along with the help of Robin. 
 Prince John, being a problem no more, Taxes affordable, no more poverty. Everything was finally right. Thinking in thoughts of all the wonderful wonders, her mind slowly drifted to her love, a breath of wind kissing her face upon his thought to her mind. She smiled warmly with a slow sigh, turning from the forest to await him inside. At long last tonight was finally their night. She was to be taken fully into him, this night her belonging to him forming into each others soulmate. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes then to hours. Her love had not come to her. He was late. Worried she paced,
  Silently she read to herself to distract her mind from her worries. Captivated by this story she read on and and on till suddenly from the far distance, she heard his valiant steed, its hooves clocking hard on the ground as he rushed to get home to his love. Listening for a moment, she then smiled as she sat her book aside and quickly sprang to her feet,
 quickly rushing over to the bedside to be seated with the manners of a lady of course. With a curious bite of her lip, smiling wide at the shuffling of his boots near, the door slowly opened with Robin Hood entering to take his love, The Lovely Maid Marion.....................


Unmasking a Cure Medieval Faire is still in full swing with many events to enjoy it runs from May 19th-June 18th 2017
what could be a more Noble cause to support!

 EEc The Mountains For Which We Came RFL Aine


Also available in Kjellbjorg(Brown) and Freydis(Purple)

Set Includes:

Sleeves XXS-L
Fitted Dress
Omega Hud Modesty tops (Cream/Faded White/Green/White)
Classic Modest tops (Cream/Faded White/Green/White)
Top Alpha
Sleeve Alpha

I am wearing:

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Maitreya)

Head: AK Creations LUlU Group Gift (AK Creations)

Skin: 7 deadly s{k}ins-Apple (7 deadly skins group gift)

Hair: Tetra- Pineapple Hair (50 linden Fridays)

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