Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lady Murray Waits.....

Lady Murray always worries when her husband goes on his long trips for supplies.She finds herself waiting by the seaside searching for his ship on the horizon.

She tries to distract herself with shopping at the local market for flowers to make the home pretty for his return.She has panic attacks and fainting spells when she thinks of what horrors or traps her husband could be encountering.So as a precaution she wears a health potion on a cord around her neck within easy reach. 

 Even as she sleeps she has feverish nightmares of the battles he could be caught in the middle of with no escape.

 She wakes up in cold sweats shivering and to ease her mind takes long walks.Where she always finds herself back on the docks with the other ships.Always dreaming of the day he will be home and safe in her loving arms once again.

Medieval Faire for Relay for Life Unmasking a Cure is well underway and runs from May 18th thru June 18th.So many wonderful creators have come together to show their love and support for such a Noble and Wonderful Cause.So don't forget to drop on by....

-=MaG=-MacMoragh an Gabha Lady Murray Dress
Set Includes:
Dress XS-XL

Tameless Aleta @ Vintage Fair

Set Includes:
Classic/Omega Hair bases (Fantasy/Naturals)
3 Aplhas
Hud Options (Fantasy/Naturals)

 !TLB -The Little Bat-Health potion

Just imagine Flower Girl Brown

Set includes:

Clog Alpha
Dress Alpha
Cloak XS-XL
Dress XS-XL
Clogs L&R
Shoe base
Flower Girl flowers with pose
Flowers and Fruit Basket with Pose

~L/Fx~ Lantian [Flox] Fur Trimmed Cloak Purple

Set includes:
S, M, L and come in Both Male and Female

GS Gidget Style UACRFL Abigail Lavender

Set Includes:

Fitted Mesh

House/Bed Framework
Silk Road Arbor
House (10 Land impact)

Silk Road Bed

Set includes:
Bed (LI 9)
Curtains (LI 9)

 I am wearing:

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

Head: Catwa Lilo Bento Mesh Head

Skin: [Pumec] - RARE January - Catwa (Chap 4)

Shape: [Pumec] shape for Catwa Lona (Chap 4)

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