Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Master Mine I am Here....

“Master,” says the genie, “I’m here,

To serve your every command

And all you crave will appear

At a word, a wave of my hand.

Gold and palaces a-plenty

I’ll create for the master I serve

And your glass will never run empty

Of the fine nectars you deserve.

“Three wishes I offer, three you own

Ask what you want, name your need

At your feet I’ll lay a kingdom and throne

With a lovely princess to love and heed

To every one of your cravings and whims.

Or maybe you want knowledge untold,

Clothing of starlight made with no seams.

Whatever it is, what you wish, you’ll hold.”

(Excerpt from The God and the Genie a play by Susan Sto Helit)

  Enchantment is Here!!!! The new round opened Saturday, August 12th and will run thru the 31st!!Come join in the fun and see all the wonderful creations....Hope to see you there

 Yokai Jasmine Fragrance Gacha


Used in pic
Bikini RARE
Bustier RARE
Necklace Silver

(Other Pieces in gacha)
Bikini Hud
Bustier Hud
Earrings (Gold,Silver,Black)
Necklace (Gold,Silver,Black)
Bikini (Purple,Gold)
Bustier (Purple,Gold)
Magic Carpet (Classic,Red,Blue,)
Elephant (Gray,Dark Grey)
Eye Shadow Catwa (2 sets)

{Letituier} Amapo Hair


Set includes:
Amapo Hair

Hud Options are:

[Trap][Gauze] Djinn Ears

Set includes:
Ears L&R
Skin Hud
Piercings Hud

+ Genie's Lamp + {egosumaii}


set includes:
Golden Lamp (in hands,in hands/bigger size/on ground/on groun bigger size)
Siver Lamp (in hands,in hands/bigger size/on ground/on groun bigger size)
Smoke Texture Hud

I am wearing:

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Maitreya)

Head: Lelutka Simone Mesh Head (Lelutka)

Skin: Cosmic Snake [xx]+FGInc.+ Election 2016 (Fallen Gods)

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