Friday, August 18, 2017

Meralyn's Abduction

Her beauty, known throughout the world, none existing or even comparing to it, many ventured to her land, seeking her hand of marriage but none she found worthy.
Many promising her, fame, money - - everything but what her heart truly desired and that was a loyal heart only to her.
This evening 'twas her 16 birthday and it was high time in her fathers eyes she were wed.So he arranges a ball and invites all the eligible Lords he knew were looking for a suitible mate.Some from as far away as Egypt one in particular a Sultan he had befriended and thought highly of.Everyone came to the ball if only to catch a glimpse of her renowned beauty and everyone vied for her attention but no more so than the Sultan whom she rebuffed at every turn.Angering him to the point of madness.So he steals away from the party and awaits his chance and takes it!

Meralyn can not believe that is was just this past eve that she was dancing and enjoying her party before she was so cruelly ripped from her castle home.Thrown unceremoniously onto the back of the Sultan's horse and spirited away in the dead of night by The very man her father had only just recently shared a commradery with.
Having rode all day in the cruel desert wind which whipped and tore at her hair until it was all in shambles with very little remained of her carefully executed braids.Her moon pale skin hot and flushed from the tormenting desert sun and her legs aching from being forced into the side saddle pose on his horse.
Now as the sun begins to set they finally come to an oasis.The Sultan sets up a tent and puts out chairs and cushions for some symblance of civility and tries to coax her off the horse to join him for his evening sup.unwilling tho she may be to even entertain anything that would give HIm pleasure she had to admit the wine and fruit looked very tempting.Her stomach grumbling in protest to no food at all for the entire day.

Enchantment is Here!!!! The new round opened Saturday, August 12th and will run thru the 31st!!Come join in the fun and see all the wonderful creations....Hope to see you there

*{Junbug}* Meralyn [Ruby] Maitreya


Also Available in Azure,Blush,Grape,Ivory,Mist,Night & Olive

.:EMO-tion:. Alessia @ Hairology


Jinx Arabian Nights Tack (Both Quarter Horse and Warm Blood)


Set includes:
Breast Sash
Rump Cloth
Saddle Cloth

*Naminoke* Jasmine



Set Includes:
Head (R)
Head (L)

Artisan Fantasy Aziza Collection

Teal Tent

+DreamCatcher+ Arabic Background Rare


:::Chic Chica::: Siobhan Tray



Pendant (Gold,Silver,Black/Gold,Black/Silver)

Fashiowl Poses -Camel


Little Branch Beach Palm Quad Animated


Litte llama-Amira Pouf-Purple


Jinx : Riding Cape for WH Riding Horse


Set Includes:
Small/Large Cape for both Quarter Horse and Warm Blood
Dismount Hud
Texture Hud

I am wearing:

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Maitreya)

Head: Lelutka Simone Bento Mesh Head (Lelutka)

Skin: !Lumae :: Eirtae-T1-Milk//Amalthea (Lumae)

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