Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Can there really be danger in this apple....

"The loveliest in the land is still Snow White, who lives in the seven dwarfs' cottage, down in the forest." The stepmother was beside herself with rage.
"She must die! She must die!" she screamed. Disguising herself as an old peasant woman, she put a poisoned apple with the others in her basket. Then, taking the quickest way into the forest, she crossed the swamp at the edge of the trees. She reached the bank unseen, just as Snow White stood waving goodbye to the seven dwarfs on their way to the mine.
Snow White was in the kitchen when she heard the sound at the door: KNOCK! KNOCK!
"Who's there?" she called suspiciously, remembering the dwarfs advice.
"I'm an old peasant woman selling apples," came the reply.
"I don't need any apples, thank you," she replied.
"But they are beautiful apples and ever so juicy!" said the velvety voice from outside the door.
"I'm not supposed to open the door to anyone," said the little girl, who was reluctant to disobey her friends.
"And quite right too! Good girl! If you promised not to open up to strangers, then of course you can't buy. You are a good girl indeed!" Then the old woman went on.
"And as a reward for being good, I'm going to make you a gift of one of my apples!" Without a further thought, Snow White opened the door just a tiny crack, to take the apple.
"There! Now isn't that a nice apple?" Snow White bit into the fruit, and as she did, fell to the ground in a faint: the effect of the terrible poison left her lifeless instantaneously. 

                                ENCHANTMENT BROTHERS GRIMM NOV 10TH-DEC3RD

Enchantment has opened its gates and it is going strong!Don't miss out on all the wonderful creations.There are so many to look and love and the Sim is gorgeous!I hope to see you all 

~Shiny Stuffs~ Catwa SnowWhite First Kiss @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Set includes:
Catwa Applier Hud (20 lipglosses (2 sizes)

~Shiny Stuffs~ Catwa SnowWhite The Fairest Eye Makeup @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Set include:
Catwa Applier Hud (3 upperlashes/2lower)(30 eyeshadows)(1 Blush)

no.match ~ No_Destiny @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Set includes:
Mesh Hair
Mesh Hair Wider back
Mesh Head Appliers(Catwa/Omega/Lelutka/TMP)
System Hairbases

amara beauty ~ Rose skin @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Set includes:
Catwa Applier
Body Applier Hud (Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Omega)

Available in Peach/Bronze Mocha/Caramel/Honey/Marshmellow/Toffee

Oubliette ~ Hestia Dress~Moss @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Set includes:

 A.D.D.Andel! ~ The 3 Enchanted Forest : Eyes @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Set includes:
Sparkle Overlay Left
Sparkle Overlay Right
Classic Eyes L&R in Diamond,Gold,Silver
Mesh Eyes L&R in Diamond,Gold,Silver
Omega Hud

Poses Used:

Kokoro Poses ~Margaret @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Set includes:
6 Bento poses with Mirrors and Apple Props

Photo Location ~ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

                                                     I am Wearing:

                            Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                            Head: Catwa Tala Bento Mesh Head (Catwa)

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