Sunday, November 18, 2018

Red Riding Hood and Her New Family.....

Has anyone see the movie Red Riding Hood that came put in 2011?The story is based on the Brothers Grimm with a slight difference.Valerie is indeed the most beautiful young woman in the town and is love,feared and even envied by the village girls for her beauty.Well it turns out that her family is cursed!Her own father is the Big Bad Wolf a type of Werewolf and only one of his own blood would be able to hear his thoughts.In the following qoute you will see what he wants,What if Valerie had of taken him up on his request?what then would have happened?

"Oh, Valerie, I've been so disrespected."
"I've settled for far less than i deserved."
"So i'd decided i'd leave for the city. For richer hunting grounds."
"Because i loved you girls, i wanted you to come with me."
"By birthright...the gift would go first to my eldest daughter, so i forged a letter."
"But when i tried to speak to her...she didn't understand me." 

"Come away with me Valerie let me give you the "gift""

What if Valerie had of said yes?Who could blame her?Everyone in town hated her so much they wanted to sacrifice her to the wolf anyway.So Why not go with her true family?

Enchantment is here and still going strong with so many wonderful creations!Too many to count!!Such a bevy of wonderful things to try and see.Come on down and check them out!

                             ENCHANTMENT BROTHERS GRIMM NOV 10TH - DEC 3RD

[eVe] - Valerie Minidress & Hood @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm until Dec 3rd

Set includes:

*Rainbow Sundae* ~Wolf Eyes and Scratches @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm  until Dec 3rd

Set includes
Wolf Eyes Omega
Wolf Eyes Catwa
Wolf Scratches Catwa/LAQ/Lelutka/Omega

no.match ~ No_Destiny @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm until Dec 3rd

Set includes:
Mesh Hair
Mesh Hair Wider back
Mesh Head Appliers(Catwa/Omega/Lelutka/TMP)
System Hairbases

Pose Used:

Fashiowl Poses ~ Red Riding Hood B @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm until Dec 3rd

Set includes:
7 bento poses with Wolf Props

                                                                  I am Wearing:

                                          Body: Maitreya Lara Bento Mesh Body (Maitreya)

                                         Head: Catwa Tala Bento Mesh Head (Catwa)

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