Sunday, November 11, 2018

Hmmmm What Tale Should I Put to Pen and Paper....

Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm (4 January 1785 – 20 September 1863), also known as Ludwig Karl, was a German philologist, jurist, and mythologist. He is known as the discoverer of Grimm's law (linguistics), the co-author of the monumental Deutsches Wörterbuch, the author of Deutsche Mythologie, and the editor of Grimm's Fairy Tales. He is the elder of the Brothers Grimm. Jacob Grimm was driven only by a general thirst for knowledge.A friend awakened in him a love for historical and antiquarian investigation.He went on to become a Professor,Librarian and Lecturer. 
 He describes his work in his autobography:
" Nearly all my labors have been devoted, either directly or indirectly, to the investigation of our earlier language, poetry and laws. These studies may have appeared to many, and may still appear, useless; to me they have always seemed a noble and earnest task, definitely and inseparably connected with our common fatherland, and calculated to foster the love of it. My principle has always been in these investigations to under-value nothing, but to utilize the small for the illustration of the great, the popular tradition for the elucidation of the written monuments. "
 Jacob Grimm's work tied in strongly to his views on Germany and its culture. His work with fairy tales and his philological work dealt with German origins. He loved his people and wished for a united Germany, he and his brother were vocal proponents of expansionist Pan-Germanism.

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                                       Enchantment Brothers Grimm Nov 10th -Dec 3rd

Decor Used:

3rd Eye Perceptions ~ Music Box Gacha @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Gacha Includes:
Wolf & 7 Kids
Hansel & Gretel
Frog Prince
12 Dancing Princesses
7 Ravens RARE
Repunzel RARE
Juniper Tree RARE
Display Case 4 Books Style Skull Candle ULTRARARE

3rd Eye Perceptions Hunt Gift Grimm Storys Book Pile Table

::Static:: ~ GRANDFATHER CLOCK @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Set inlcudes:
Grandfather Clock

Moon_sha ~ Grimm's Table @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Set includes:

Serenity Style ~The Brave Little Tailor @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Set includes:
Dress mannequin
Kids mannequi

Spools of Thread(Hunt Gift)

 BananaN ~ Lonely Tower Blue @ Enchantment Brothers Grimm

Set includes:
Tower with teleport cabability (available in Blue/White/Grey/Brown)

PPK ~ Seamstress Gacha

                                                       Bobby is Wearing

                           Body: Belleza Jake Bento Mesh Body (Belleza)

                           Head: Catwa Justin Mesh Head(Catwa)

                           Hair: *Argrace* Minato (Argrace)

                           Skin: [Mudskin] Jin Hun (Epiphany)

                           Outfit: Gabriel Jekyll&Hyde Gacha (Gabriel)

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